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Luxochain combats the luxury goods counterfeiting guaranteeing the purchase of authentic products through the blockchain certification.

An exciting and futuristic challenge that will change the way we think, evaluate and appreciate every good in the Luxury market.


Luxochain’s goal is to become the worldwide reference for the authentication of
blockchain products in the luxury sector.

The CEO, Davide Baldi, declares
Our goal is to have the Blockchain technology adopted for each brand to:

Provide a service that protects against counterfeiting of products, with a view of quality and transparency towards the market and end-users.

Facilitate the traceability of the actual owners in case of theft or loss of Luxury goods.


Luxochain offers a service to end users, protecting them in the purchase of their products.
At the same time, Luxochain works alongside the luxury brands, providing them a transparency, loyalty and couponing system towards their customers.

In the supply chain of the good, all authentic luxury products will be equipped with an invisible and encrypted serial number.
The product ID is associated with a token that is uniquely identifiable, which Luxochain will record on the blockchain.
Once entered, the information cannot be changed externally.

Our Service

iOS & Android

With the Luxochain system, available for iOS and Android, any buyer, before making a purchase, can verify the authenticity of each product, in-store and online, checking with the smartphone the information written in the blockchain, simply approaching to the product itself.

At the time of purchase, the customer receives the certificate of digital property, as if it were the passport of the product itself, and in case of theft or loss will be able to block the asset, so as to facilitate the recovery of the object and return it to its rightful owner, fighting the counterfeiting market.

Our Service

``Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation.``

Dean Kamen


Luxochain has been founded by 4 entrepreneurs of Italian origin, already owners of multinational companies, with a background in product certification, have entirely self-financed product development.

In a world that goes towards a homologation direction, Luxochain stands as a means to ferry this homologation towards unique, inimitable details that differentiate each product for each customer.


Luxochain, a Swiss company based in Lugano, has announced the launch of a luxury goods authentication service, using the blockchain to certify products and fight counterfeiting, a market worth 1.2 trillion dollars a year.

Luxochain will make you secure of your luxury good.


blockchain advantages

The existence of the blockchain also eliminates the need for third parties and simplifies the relationship between brands and buyers, something that can also be done on the secondary market.

In the store, customers will be able to scan the code and verify the authenticity of the product.
The unique certificate of their product provides information such as brand, model, origin, history and handover along the entire supply chain.
Traders will use the blockchain to transfer ownership rights from themselves to new owners with the same ease and speed with which a credit card transaction is made today.

About Brooklyn




About Brooklyn


Natale Consonni

Natale Consonni


Experienced Vice President skilled in Product Management, Quality Control, Management, Business Development, and Entrepreneurship.


A strong business development professional with a Ph.D. in engineering focused in Chemistry from MIP – Politecnico Di Milano. Previous experience: President & Founder at Venture & Creation. 


Board Member of Como Venture, investing in advance startups. 


Vice-president and General manager Responsible Sourcing (RS), Registrar and Consumer Products of UL, Underwriters Laboratories INC, Founder and President of ICQ Istituto Certificazione Qualità, Owner and President of IISG, Istituto Italiano Sicurezza Giocattoli.

Davide Baldi

Davide Baldi

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, ranging from Blockchain projects, creation of commercial networks, recruitment, marketing & management consulting, up to Real Estate operations, graduated in psychology and specialized in business management and organization.


Co-Founder & CEO at Luxochain.io, Icobooster.i o, Fintech.Review, BDN SA. Co-Founder & Board Member at One4.eu, One4-ti.ch, Digital Identity SA, BDM, Fidilink Srl, Swiss4living.com and Comedil.ch.


Partner at Iconium.it, Epico.com. 


Advisor at Eidoo.io, Xriba.com, Ubiat ar.com, Parkingo.io, Noku.io.



Roberto Gorini

Roberto Gorini

Founder & CTO

Serial entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience. Graduate in economics, as well as thousands of hours of experience as a trainer and coach for numerous courses and conferences.


A blogger, public speaker, scholar of economics, and author of the books Matrix Economy (2014) and Crypto Economy (2016).


An innovative entrepreneur, well known for bringing the Pokemon phenomenon to Italy in the early 2000s. Crypto currencies evangelist. 


Creator, founder and CEO of Noku project. Noku.io, Co- Founder & CEO at Swiss4living.com, Co- Founder & Board Member at One4.eu andOne4-ti.ch, CTO at Luxochain SA. 



Alfredo Malgrati

Alfredo Malgrati


Entrepreneur with over 300 employees in his companies, graduated in business economics at Bocconi, with many years of experience in Ernst & Young, from 25 holds the role of managing director in companies made in Italy, ambassadors in the metalworking industry, Vimoter SPA and Eurotubi Europa Srl. 


Eurotubi Europa Srl has been awarded as one of the top 500 Italian companies, with over 85% of turnover in the foreign market.


Passionate about finance, innovative technologies and blockchain, he is a convinced supporter of the marriage between the old economy and technology.


Davide Zucchetti

Davide Zucchetti

Marketing Manager

Federico Viganò

Federico Viganò



Lorenzo Rigatti

Business Development Manager

Naor Adno

Naor Adno

Business Developer


Manuel Olivi



Marco Barchetti

Marketing Advisor


Marco Guarducci



Cosimo Sguanci

Chief Developer Mobile Application

RossanoPetrucci Luxochain

Rossano Petrucci

Business Development

Beatrice Simeoni

Beatrice Simioni

Office Manager

Elisabetta Andreini

Elisabetta Andreini

User Experience Designer

Cristina RIcchi

Cristina Ricchi

Administration Manager



Fabio Pezzotti



Massimo Morini



Luca Cotta


Omar Ulrich

Omar Ulrich










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